C. I. A.

The Youth adopted the name C. I. A. ( "Christians-In-Action") to identify who they are and their goal. They are acting out their faith as believers in Jesus Christ. As they develop their new life in Jesus, they are learning that to be real Christians requires action. They want to do something for Him because of what He has done for them.

Recognizing that our youth will be our leaders of tomorrow, it is our endeavor to train our youth in the three R's: Responsibility, Respectability and Relationship.  To be responsible prepares them to be productive citizens in our church and in our community.  To be respected is to respect themselves first, and then respect others. Respect is earned and it teaches them to become positive examples, mentors, and role models to their peers and to the younger generation.  Relationship teaches the concept of cooperation and fair play. They learn how to relate to others as they develop their relationship with God. We try to accomplish our goal by instruction and fun events.