About New Covenant Church of God

Our Vision

New Covenant Church of God is a called-out body of believers who are Chosen To Tell The World that, as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man. Our vision is to sound the alarm; to warn people that the signs of His coming are all around us. The heartbeat of this church is to admonish people everywhere to repent and prepare their hearts for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

The mission of New Covenant Church of God is to extend the Gospel of Jesus Christ, proclaim hope to lost and hurting people, reproduce disciples of Christ, strive for Christian maturity through Biblical preaching and teaching, gather in fellowship to worship the triune God, and to herald the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

What We Believe

We are a non-denominational, interracial, Christ-centered, Bible-teaching, soul-winning, fellowship of believers who:
  • Believe in the infallible, immutable, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God who is, was, and ever shall be.
  • Embrace the Incarnate Christ as the only begotten Son of the Father, born of a virgin, and that He is Savior and Lord.
  • Renounce sin of every kind, and believes that God requires His people to live holy and responsibly.
  • Believe that to be saved, one must be Born Again.
  • Believe that God has but one church and that all the saved are members of that one church.
  • Believe in miracles, and that nothing shall be impossible to those who believe.
  • Believe in divine healing, and that healing really is the children's bread.
  • Believe that the Holy Spirit controls and directs the church.
  • Believe in the Great Commission: Go Tell a lost and dying world that Jesus saves.

Our History

New Covenant Church of God was established in 1993 as the results of a vision by Pastor Robert L. Stringer.  In his vision, he saw an ark with a space between the ark itself and the cover or roof. The ark was resting on top of the water and a huge bronze hand was in the foreground. The message, I have chosen you to tell the world was as significant as the view. Pastor Stringer pondered all of this in his heart for nearly forty years while serving the Lord in various church services and callings, including pastoral service.

Believing this to be God's appointed time and place to make this vision a reality, New Covenant became the name of choice as a connection between the old promise and the new covenant.

The earth was destroyed by a flood because of violence and corruption, but God had mercy and gave Noah hope for a new beginning by the sign of a rainbow in the clouds. The Word warns us that the earth will again be destroyed because of the same conditions that existed in Noah's day -- only this time it will be by fire. Jesus has given us new hope by a New Covenant that begins with the new birth and will last throughout eternity.

To this end, we became New Covenant Church of God, voluntarily affiliated with The Church of God with offices located in Anderson, Indiana.